Bubble Bat
Bubble Bat
Bubble Bat's appearance from Mega Man 2
Series Mega Man
First game Mega Man 2
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Bubble Bat (or Batton in Japanese) is an enemy resembling a robotic bat from original Mega Man series.

Variations of Bubble Bats

Bubble Bat

Bubble Bat (or Batton in Japanese) is an enemy found only in Wood Man's stage. If it wakes up, it will try to hit Mega Man.


Battonton (incorrectly spelled Batonton in Mega Man III) is an update of the Bubble Bat in Mega Man 4 and Mega Man III. In Mega Man 4, they appear in Pharaoh Man's stage, Drill Man's stage and the second Dr. Cossack stage. In Mega Man III, they appear in Drill Man's stage, Skull Man's stage and the final stage.

In Ruby Spears' Mega Man, Battontons made appearances as minor antagonists of the cartoon series. Bubble Bats appeared in several episodes in the series. The name is used in the cartoon series.

Batton M48

Batton M48 is another upgrade of the Bubble Bat. In Mega Man 7, they appear in Shade Man's stage and the second Dr. Wily stage. In Mega Man Anniversary Collection, they are the VAN Pookin's support in Mega Man: The Power Battle category and Shade Man's support in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters.

Batton M64

Batton M64 is another upgrade of the Bubble Bat. It behaves like other Bubble Bats, except it rolls into a drill to avoid taking damage. In Mega Man Anniversary Collection, it appears in Frost Man's stage, Grenade Man's stage and the second stage Dr. Wily stage.

Batton Mommy and Petit Batton

The Batton Mommy with her three Petit Battons only appear in Sword Man's stage in Mega Man Anniversary Collection in the start. The Petit Battons will follow their mother and will act like the Batton M64.


Succubatton is considered the most aggressive Bubble Bat in the entire Mega Man franchise, because it flies into Mega Man and drains his life like vampires do. It only appears in Sword Man's stage in Mega Man 8 and its name is a play on the word, "Succubus".

Batton M-501

Batton M-501 is the last Bubble Bat found in Mega Man X. Only one appears in Armored Armadillo's stage. It drops a 1-up after killing it. However, it doesn't drop a 1-up all the time after it respawns. It doesn't appear in Mega Man Xtreme.


  • The Batton M48's name is similar to the M48 Patton, a tank from the "M" series in Cold War.

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