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The Bubble Monkey's clay model, from EarthBound.

The Bubble Monkey (Balloon Monkey in Japan) is a secondary character in EarthBound. It is a monkey who likes bubble gum and will follow anyone who gives some to it. It is controlled for a short time in the game, before it runs away in search of a female monkey.


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It first appears in the Winters drugstore, and then joins Jeff Andonuts, helping him in many ways. Since the monkey will follow someone with bubble gum, having the monkey costs only $1 to Jeff. It can inflate its bubble gum in a way it makes it fly, so that it can help Jeff climb walls. In addition, the bubble monkey is the one who calls Tessie so that Jeff can pass through the Lake Tess. However, just before reaching the laboratory of Dr. Andonuts, Jeff's father, the monkey goes away after a female monkey wearing a bow. It later appears when Ness and his friends travel through Winters.

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