Bubsy is a video game character who has appeared in several games from 1993 to 1996, with his final game, Bubsy 3D, ending his game franchise (and even the company, Accolade).


Bubsy is an orange bobcat with a yellow stomach and mouth. He has a white shirt on with an exclamation point on it. While Accolade attempted to make him act like a real cat does by making him obsessed with yarn, be afraid of water, and other things, they included elements like flying as well.

Bubsy was nominated in a Nintendo Power contest for the best video game hero. While he didn't win to characters like Kirby and Link, he suprisingly beat Mega Man and even Mario

In popular culture

The game and its 3D sequel have been the subject of various internet reviews. A popular one is from JonTron, in which Jon is shocked to discover falling damage in a 2D platformer.

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