Name Buddy
Series MySims series
Gender of sim Male
First game of sim MySims
Sim species Sim
Quotes * Gallery

Buddy is a character that appears in the MySims Series. He regularly falls. In the first game, he is a bellhop at the town hotel, waiting for guests to come in. In MySims Kingdom, he is a Royal Messenger for King Roland, and hands out invitations to other sims for a the Royal Wandolier Test. He will also travel along with you in the game. In MySims Party, he hosts the mini game, Bell Hopscotch, where the player must bring the guests luggage to the clones of Buddy. In MySims Party (DS) he hosts the mini game, Vroom Service, where the player must deliver the hotel guests food to their doors. In MySims Racing, Buddy appears as a hotel manager again and gives you favors some times, like picking up luggage and taking him to places. In MySims Agents, Buddy is your partner again, and travels everywhere with you. He tries to help you out on cases, although he usually does not know about things. In MySims SkyHeroes, Buddy is an unlockable pilot by beating a mission at least by third after shooting down Svetlana and Dragomir.

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