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These quotes are said by Buddy



  • Dag, dah!
  • Eboh, nah!
  • Shyaboh, lah!
  • Edoot, ednah!
  • Zeeza dong!
  • Eboh, whoa!
  • Whoop! Oh I muss...
  • Off, uhh...


  • Hiya, pal!
  • Heya, pal!
  • Oh, heya, pal!
  • Hey, pal, do they have bellhops on spaceships? It sure would be neat to fly on a spaceship.
  • Heya, pal! Do you see the cafeteria anywhere?
  • My salutin' arm is getting sore! I have to put

ice on it every night or it'll swell up like a pumpkin!

  • So…so many guests…*pant* *pant* I can barely lift my salutin' arm, pal!
  • You've taught me something, pal: never give up! I'm proud to be your bellhop, [player name].
  • You did all this just for your ol' pal, Buddy? I don't know what to say, pal! I've got to invent a whole new salute just to show how I feel about you!
  • Howdy Partner! Hah! I'm a cowguy!
  • I'm a robot! Bloop bloop!
  • Shhh! Don't wake the giant hedgehog!
  • We've got lots of guests at the hotel, but I can't carry all the luggage by myself. Think you could help me carry them, pal?
  • Thanks to everyone's hard work, we were able to carry all of our guests' luggage! Here are everyone's scores.
  • Hiya, pal! If you need to know anything about festivals, I'm your guy! You should start off with the Opening Festival. It's quick and fun!
  • Thanks to the festivals, the hotel's all booked! I've never saluted so many guests in my life!
  • Thanks for trying my Opening Festival, pal! I try to keep it nice and short, so I won't miss any guests at the hotel!
  • I'm thinking... pizza?
  • I know! Let's go see what's going on at Club Candy!
  • First, I wanna to eat sushi, then Turkey On A Fork. No wait! Turkey On A Fork, then sushi! Aaaargh! How can I decide?!


Buddy:Hey pal, do you think the nightmare world is full of pudding mummies?

You:Um... pudding mummies?

Buddy:Like a pudding golem in bandages!Oh... do you think they're in bandages because there was a giant pudding war, like Pudding War 1!

You:Pudding War 1?!

Buddy:I'm allergic to pudding, pal.

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