Series Mario series
First game Super Mario Galaxy
Species Mandibug
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Bugaboom is a boss featured in both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is the leader of the Mandibugs appearing in Big Bad Bugaboom in Honeyhive Galaxy and again in Bugaboom's Back in Puzzle Plank Galaxy.


Bugaboom is a huge green Mandibug with a mark on his back shell similar to an explosion like others of his species though his back is flat. He hides his mandibles in his jaws and wings underneath his back. Once he gets angry after getting hit, he'll turn red.


His attacks include flying around the tree and dropping bombs on the ground. He can also use his mandibles to attack Mario. His weakness is when Mario jumps on his back and ground pounds him. Bugaboom has 3 lives and when he loses 2 lives, he changes color and changes his strategy to turn every so often so Mario cannot ground pound him. He also speeds up. In his fight in Super Mario Galaxy, Mario has access to the Bee Mushroom and giant flowers and in Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario gets access to the Cloud Flower.