Bunston (Official Artwork)

Artwork from The Legendary Starfy.
Series The Legendary Starfy series
First game The Legendary Starfy
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Bunston is a character in the game The Legendary Starfy, part of The Legendary Starfy game series. He is a nice bunny who lost his memory when he fell through Starfy's ceiling.



Starfy Powers

Roostar (Upper Left), Starfright (Upper Right), Starpedo (Lower Left), Monstar (Lower Right)

Bunston has the ability to give Starfy special powers. They are as follows:

  • Starpedo; a seal that uses it's ice tail to turn tough currents to nothing.
  • Roostar; a chicken that makes loud noises and lays eggs.
  • Starfright; a ghost that 'will-o-whisps' foes,floats and vanishes to get away from harm.
  • Monstar; a fire breathing dragon.