Buttonbugs are rare enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are likely related to the Buttonfly and the Buttonbee. This species is much more aggressive than the other two, but is fortunately much rarer. They only appear in the Secret Island level.


Buttonbugs are buttons, as the name suggests, and so they have a very simple look. They are red circles with two transparent wings, two black antennae on their heads, and two black lines on their backs. They also have a stinger that looks just like the one on the Buttonbees.


Buttonbugs are very aggressive, even more so than the Buttonbees. They will chase Kirby (or Prince Fluff) until it hits one of them or until it is defeated with the yarn whip. Unlike the Buttonbees, they can turn and swerve in air, so it is quite hard to avoid them.

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