Mario Party 7 - Buzzstormer - Max Record (0'19''45)00:47

Mario Party 7 - Buzzstormer - Max Record (0'19''45)

Buzzstormer is a minigame in Mario Party 7. In this minigame, four players split into two teams and race on the back of a bee through a field of dandelions. To move, you must use the Control Stick (a.k.a. Right Thumb Stick) to steer the bee clear of the dandelions which will slow you down if you hit one. The bee won't tilt much if you alone try to steer it, so you and your teammate must tilt it in the same direction to steer your bee better. But, if you (for example) try to turn left but your teammate tries to right, your bee won't turn either direction and your bee will probably windup hitting a dandelion so this minigame requires lots of team work.

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