These are the credits for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

n-Space, Inc.


Creative Director

Lead Designer


Lead Worldbuilder


Additional Worldbuilding

Art Production Manager

Character Modeling

Additional Character Modeling


Additional Animation

Concept Art

Special Effects

2D and UI Art

Lead Technical Artist

Art Tech

Lead Software Engineer

Software Engineering

Additional Engineering

Sound and Music

Production Assistant

Test and Support

Demo Team

Executive Producer


Special thanks to...

  • The entire n-Space family.

In particular, we'd like to recognize Brendan McLeod, Charles Valentine Stuard III, Michael R. Gold, Tim Schwalk, Richard C. Livingston and Stephen Mabee for their development assistance and Gary Meyers, Erica Vago, Jennifer Thompson and Sean Purcell for their efforts in the areas of IT, HR and Administration.

Our families and friends for all their support...

CPL Chris Ford for behind the scenes support as a subject matter expert.

Thanks also to...



Associate Producer

Production Tester

Executive Producer

Vice President, Production

Public Relations

Senior PR Manager

Senior Publicist

Junior Publicist

Senior PR Director

European PR Director

Step 3

Central Localizations

Senior Localization Project Manager

Localization Consultant

Localization Coordinator

Localization Engineer

Director of Production Services, Europe

Brand Manager, Europe

Localization Tools & Support Provided by Xloc Inc.

Marketing Communications

Vice President of Marketing Communications

Director of Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Business and Legal Affairs

Director, Government and Legislative Affairs

Transactional Attorney

Senior Paralegal

Associate Paralegal

Operations and Studio Planning

Senior Director of Production Services

Central Audio

Director, Central Audio

Audio Coordinator

Sound Artist

Music Department

Worldwide Executive of Music

Music Supervisor


Manager Controller

Account Controller

Finance Analyst

Activision Special Thanks

Quality Assurance

Lead, QA Functionality

Senior Lead, QA Functionality

Manager, QA Functionality

Senior Manager, Technical Requirements Group

Lead, Multiplayer Lab

Director, QA Functionality

Director, Technical Requirements Group

QA Test Team

Technical Requirements Group

TRG Manger

TRG Platform Lead

TRG Project Lead

TRG Floor Leads

TRG Test Team

Manager, QA Localizations

Localization Lead

QA Localization Testers

Customer Service Manager - Phone Support

Customer Service Manager - Email Support

Theme by

Music Produced by

Score by

Voice Over Actors

Womb Music

Casting and Voice Direction

Editorial and VO SFX Design

Manual Design

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