Camera Shy

Camera Shy is a four-player minigame in Mario Party DS.


At the start, four microscopic hunters with cameras run around in the corn maze. The corn maze is shaped like a cart's big tire or washing machine drum. They try to make other hunters scare and jump by turning their cameras on. At start, the camera battery's life ends, but will soon recover its power to come alive. The dead battery will come alive within 3 or 4 seconds. When the battery comes alive, the hunter should quickly find other hunters and take a picture of them. This may not work all the time. There is an unlimited time. Any single hunter who takes picture of all hunters wins while the other hunters that did NOT take pictures of 3 hunters will get upset and lose. When a single hunter wins, the pictures they took will be shown.


  • Turn camera on/take a picture of others: Press A Button (only do that if you notice the battery is ready).