Camp Hyrule 1997 was the third Camp Hyrule, and was hosted by Nintendo of America and Nintendo Power. This was the first Camp Hyrule that took place on Nintendo's own servers, whereas the previous events were held on AOL.


There were several contests that "campers" could participate in this year's Camp Hyrule. They included:

Contest Description
Name that Tune Users were asked to download music files. After listening to them, they were requested to submit to Nintendo the correct name of the tune and the game it was from. Those who answered correctly were given the chance to win a merit for their cabin.
Who Am I? Users were given a distorted picture of a Nintendo character and were asked to correctly name who it was. Three clues were attached to each picture. Some of the characters included Princess Zelda and James Bond.
Face Paintings Users were asked to distort the portrait of a Nintendo employee or character. The portraits included:

Monday - A Moogle
Tuesday - NOA Amy
Wednesday - NOA Jenne
Thursday - NOA Travis
Friday - NOA Dan

Zelda Haiku Not much information is known about this contest, though it's assumed that users were asked to create a haiku pertaining to The Legend of Zelda series.
Star Fox Limerick Contest Again, not much is known about this contest.
Ghost Story Users were asked to create a unique ghost stories. Submissions were only accepted if they had 100 words or less.



There were several areas at Camp Hyrule 1997 where users could access a chat room. Employees of Nintendo of America would occasionally drop in and chat with the users, though they wouldn't close the chat rooms after leaving. The following were the chatrooms:

  • Bonfire: As is the case everyear, the Bonfire was the most popular chatroom.
  • Mess Hall: The Mess Hall, which in later years was called "Kirby's Mess Hall", was chat room where users were "served" food. Some of the food included Yoshi ribs, Moogleburgers and veggie burgers, which according to a user who participated in the event was considered distasteful to the visitors.
  • Cabin chat rooms: Each cabin had their own chat room. In all there were twenty chat rooms, and users could only view and participate in their own cabin's chatroom. On the last day, users were granted access to every cabin chatroom.

Other areas

In the following areas, players could not chat with one another. They included:

  • First Aid - Learn how to use chat and resolve chat-related problems.
  • Lake Webaconda - Included links to Camp Hyrule members' websites. The NOA employees were allowed to remove certain links that were inappropriate for Camp Hyrule.
  • Craft Hall - The place where members could see the daily contests.

NOA Dan's boxers

On Thursday, NOA Dan's boxers were hanging on the flagpole. The next day the boxers were gone, and the users were requested to go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Members who found the boxers were required to send in their name and cabin number and were inserted into a drawing, the winner of which received free Clayfighter 63 1/3 themed boxers.


The following are the counselors that oversaw the event.

  • NOA Magicman
  • NOA Jason
  • NOA Gents ("No Agents")
  • NOA Blonde
  • NOA Angel
  • NOA Bubbles
  • NOA Indiana
  • NOA Kat Monroe
  • NOA Rob
  • NOA Geemr
  • NOA Shane
  • NOA Kool
  • NOA Kiddo5
  • NOA Bryan
  • NOA Vicky

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