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Camp Hyrule 2004 was the tenth Camp Hyrule, and was hosted by Nintendo of America and Nintendo Power in 2004.

The Areas

  • NOA HQ - Chat Center
  • The Cabins
    • Cabin 1: Dark Gray Cabin
    • Cabin 2: Red Cabin
    • Cabin 3: Gray Cabin
    • Cabin 4: Blue Cabin
  • Trading Post: Message Board, submit subsciptions
  • First Aid Hut: Message Board
  • DS Factory: Nothing
  • Bonfire: Chat Center
  • Amptitheater: Interviews.
  • Lake Webaconda: Playable Games
    • Fish Swatter
    • Rafting
    • Diving
    • Marshmallow Roast
  • Hyrule Archery Range: Game
  • Kirby's Mess Hall: Chat Center
  • DK Jungle: Chat Center, info on Donkey Konga
  • PokeCenter: Chat Center, info on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen
  • Old Skool Shack: Chat Center, info on Classic NES Series
  • Pikmin Onions: Chat Center, info on Pikmin 2
  • Samus's Ship: Chat Center, info on Metroid Prime 2
  • Arwing: Chat Center, info on Star Fox: Assault

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