Camp Hyrule 2006 was the Camp Hyrule Nintendo of America hosted in 2006. It was an online camp that gamers attended for 5 days to play games, chat online and post on message boards. The camp's theme during this year's event was based on Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, taking place in outerspace and featuring several different platnetoids. The four different planets the players could visit were all connected via warp tunnels.

The Areas

Area 1:

  • Nintendo Power HQ - Chat Center, info on Nintendo Power
  • The Cabins -
    • Cabin 1: Red Cabin
    • Cabin 2: Blue Cabin
    • Cabin 3: Green Cabin
    • Cabin 4: Yellow Cabin
    • Cabin 5: Silver Cabin
    • Cabin 6: Red Cabin
    • Cabin 7: Blue Cabin
    • Cabin 8: Green Cabin
    • Cabin 9: Yellow Cabin
    • Cabin 10: Silver Cabin
  • Trading Post: Message Board, submit subsciptions
  • First Aid Hut: Message Board
  • Gravity Generator: Nothing
  • Bonfire: Chat Center
  • Nintendo DS Lite Station: Info on DS Lite, plus Chat Center

Area 2:

  • Hyrule Castle: Chat Center, info on Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Lake Webaconda: Playable Games-
    • Fish Swatter
    • Rafting
    • Diving
    • Hyrule Archery
    • Marshmallow Roast
  • Kirby's Mess Hall: Chat Center
  • Super Mini Mario World: Chat Center, info on Mario vs. DK 2.
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Chat Center, info on Pokémon: Mysterious Dungeon
  • Stumpy's Stable: Game

Area 3:

  • Great Fox: Chat Center, info on Star Fox Command
  • The Lost Woods: Chat Center
  • Mr. Pickle's Crib: Chat Center

Area 4:

  • Amptitheater: Interviews.
  • Mario Hoops Basketshere: Chat Center, info on Mario Hoops

Other Areas:

  • Metor Shower: Game
  • Virus Attack: Game
  • Stumpy SOS: Game
  • Leader Boards: Records


This year, Nintendo gave away a Wii to a lucky camper. THE_LOST_EAR has won a Wii and will be shipped one on launch day! Other than that, Nintendo will also give virtual prizes to members of the top 3 winning camps, which include Camp 9, 8, and 7. It is not confirmed what the prize will be, though Nintendo has stated that the winners will get an email in at least 2 weeks.

Destruction of the camp

Like every Camp Hyrule, Camp Hyrule 2006 had some sort of disaster that ended the camp. At 2006's camp, a worm hole opened up and transported you back to the 1998 camp hyrule.