Buds Artwork

Candypop Buds are species in the popular Pikmin series. The Candypop Buds are in five colors. Purple, red, white, blue and yellow, Olimar must toss a Pikmin in there, and it will make a seed that matches the Candypop Bud's color. Olimar can only toss five in in the game Pikmin 2. You can toss thirty in Pikmin. There is only red, blue and yellow in Pikmin. This is helpful for purple and white Pikmin, they don't have a Onion. This is the only way how to get purple and white Pikmin. There are also a multiple color one. It changes red, blue, to yellow over and over.

In Pikmin 2, Candypop Buds are only underground, never above. The Candypop Bud is in The Final Trial, The Forest Navel, and three or four appear in The Distant Spring in Pikmin.


Ship Log

"When I throw Pikmin into this flower, they are popped right back out. I have named this very peculiar bloom the candypop bud. It's strange... No matter what color Pikmin I throw in, the ones that pop out match the flower's color!"'

Reel notes

"Could this be the next stage in Pikmin evolution? Like the Pikmin themselves, it has many mysteries."