Captain Strong is the leader of the Onett Police force, and appears as an enemy in the SNES game EarthBound. One of his men finds Ness trespassing a forbidden area while he is in search of the sanctuary location Giant Step, and tells him to go to the police station as soon as possible. There, he makes Ness fight four of his men (initially five, but one runs away just before the battle) and then confronts Ness himself, using his "Super Ultra Mambo-Tango-Foxtrot martial arts". After he is defeated, he orders the cops to let Ness pass to Twoson.


Captain Strong: (+) Max HP: 140 - Max PP: 0 - Offense: 20 - Defense: 24 - Speed: 15 - Guts: 18 - Exp.: 492 - Money: $159 - 4/128 chance of getting a Boiled Egg

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