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Rosie (Animal Crossing Movie)

The following are cats in the Animal Crossing series.


Name Description
Punchy Rosie Purrl Olivia Monique


A blue and pink cat who is the hungry, sleepy type - and only wakes up after 9.00am each morning A blue cat who is very kind and sweet. She is a cat who sometimes likes catching bugs or collecting clothes. A brown cat with big eyes that have three eyelashes underneath. Purrl likes to think about herself and daydream. A black and white cat, with a birthmark underneath her left eye. Loves taking beauty sleeps so only wakes up after 9.00am A white cat with blonde hair and birthmark. Also enjoys beauty sleeps and waking up after 9.00am A orange cat, with a fun personality. she likes to invite people over and talk. she likes long walks, and she is very friendly!!

Bob - a purple cat with a red shirt and yellow eyes. He is laid back, but also easily frightened,

Tangy - a enthusiastic female cat. Her head is an orange.

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