Brands in the video game Style Savvy.

There are 16 brands. Each one has different quallities to match a customers style.

  1. GXS - Sporty, athletic styles for an active look.
  2. Dazies - Colorful, quircky fashions for a vibrant style.
  3. AZ-USA - Glam garments for a glitzy, daring style.
  4. April Bonbon - Fun, whimsical fashions for a playful appearance.
  5. Alvarado - High-end, celeb fashions for a polished look.
  6. Terra - Earthy, boho-chic items for a free-spirited style.
  7. Karamomo - Asian-insoired styles for a look of the Far East.
  8. Epoque - Styles with vintage charm for a delicate look.
  9. Capsule - Fab, retro fashions for a mod style.
  10. Marble Lily - Frilly, girly garments for a fanciful style.
  11. Raven Candle - Gothic styles for a dark, mysterious look.
  12. Penbridge - Preppy pieces for a smart, snappy appearance.
  13. Mad Jack - Edgy, punk fashions for a rebellious style.
  14. Sonata - Soft, refined styles for a sophisticated appearance.
  15. Masquerade - A rare brand unlocked after finishing the game.
  16. Pure Cloth - Basic styles for a simple, versatile look.

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