Cavern of the Metal Cap
Metal cap cavern
Metal Mario in the Cavern of the Metal Cap.
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario 64
Creator Nintendo

The Cavern of the Metal Cap is the location of the metal switch in Super Mario 64. It was retitled Behind The Waterfall in Super Mario 64 DS. The Cavern is located within the Hazy Maze Cave. To reach it, Mario must steer the Dorrie to the double doors. When you first enter the doors, Mario will start as Metal Mario. Then he will have to defeat a couple of Shifts guarding it. After Mario hits the green switch, the Metal Cap can be used. If he falls in the water, he will be dragged by the current to a waterfall leading to the lake and moat surrounding Princess Peach's Castle.


  • Star 1: Find the 8 Red Coins. Several of them are in the water, requiring the Metal Cap.
  • Star 2: Exclusive to the DS version. The player has to use Mario's Power Flower to float to the star.