Celadon City
Celadon City HGSS
A map of the city from HeartGold and SoulSilver.
Series Pokémon
First game Pokémon Red and Green (1996)
Creator Game Freak

Celadon City is a fictional town in the Pokémon series located in the Kanto region and has appeared im the first, second, third, and fourth generation games. Celadon City is the biggest city in the Kanto regiom. This place has the Celadon Game Corner where the player can play the slots to earn coins, or just buy them. This can get the player TMs and rare Pokémon. This city also contains in HM, Fly here.

Places of interest

Celadon Department Store

The Celadon Department Store is a large department store that sell many different types of items.

Celadon Game Corner

Celadon Gym

Important residents

Appearances in different games