Chakron as seen in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
Series Mario series
First game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
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Chakron is a character who guards the third Star Cure in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. He is located on the top of a mountain in Plack Beach and Mario and Luigi must have the Special Attack, Snack Basket in order to obtain the third Star Cure. Chakron tells Mario and Luigi that he has been frozen in a pose for a thousand years to gather knowledge from stars. He also says that he will give Mario and Luigi the third Star Cure to them if they can break his pose.

At first when the Mario Bros. battle Chakron and try to attack him three times, he will say that he is disappointed and that there is an attack in the woods that would free him from his pose. Later when Mario and Luigi obtain the Special Attack, they must go back to Chakron and battle him and Mario must use Snack Basket and make Luigi eat all the food falling from the air, lift him up, throw him, and then Luigi must do a ground pound and gain an excellent score that will shake Chakron back and forth. Then he finds another pose which he plans to do for a hundred years. He will then give the Bros. the final Star Cure and offer to teleport them back to Toad Town.

Chakron's voice is heard congratulating Mario and Luigi at the end of the game after they defeat Dark Bowser and after Peach's cake is shown.


  • Chakron has the highest stats of all characters in the entire game with 9999 HP, 999 Attack, Defense, and Speed.
  • Chakron's Star Cure is the only Star Cure Mario and Luigi obtain outside of Bowser's body.
  • Chakron is also the only boss that doesn't attack Mario and Luigi.
  • Chakron has infinite stats, although it is possible to kill him by making 'meaty quake'. The only the one to have highest stat which takes several rounds is Bowser X, who has over 7000 hp.