Chapter 8 Mission 3 Ruins

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The Chapter 8 "the Escape"Mission 3 of Rebelstar: Tactical Command contained some thought provokingly interesting Ruins in it that were the remains of what was a single large structure, the structure was comprised of a coblestone like structure. Although the stone it self comprising the walls of the Ruins was more like Granite. Even though this location was called  "Ruins" in the game, the game player only seen the one building at this site that was being called ruins by the game characters at the time during the cource of the game. Thus there was only the one structure asociated with these "ruins". Its thought to be either a retro styled modern house from the 20th or 21st century or even pre-colombian Incan ruins coinsidering the game takes place in Latin American region. 

Chapter 8 mission 3 ruins

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