Chargin' Chuck
Chargin' Chuck - Super Mario 3D World
Artwork of two Chargin' Chucks from Super Mario 3D World.
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario World
Species Koopa
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Chargin Chucks artwork

Chargin' Chucks are enemies first seen in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, Super Mario World. They are big, burly Koopas dressed like an American/Canadian rules football player, even though he appears to be associated with a number of different sports and rigorous activities, such as baseball and digging up chunks of rocks.

In Super Mario World, Chargin' Chucks appear frequently throughout the game, usually charging at Mario or Luigi (hence the name). There are many varieties of the Chargin' Chuck, though, and each one has a different attack pattern. Each one of them, though, takes 3 Jumps on the head to defeat.

Super Mario 3D World

Chargin' Chucks appear again for the first time since the SNES era. They only attack by charging at you though.