Chibi-Robo is a series of platformers starring the titular tiny robot developed by Skip and is partially owned by Bandai Namco.


The first game was going to be developed as a point & click adventure with Bandai being the publisher. They completed the trademarks and copyrights for the game but, development was stalled and eventually Bandai gave up on them.

Skip then, went shopping around for publishers and eventually showed the game to Nintendo. Nintendo liked the idea but, Shigeru Miyamoto said to change the game's genre and overhaul the production. The game was released in 2005 in Japan and the rest of the world the following year.

The next two games appeared on the DS in similar fashion to the original title but, sales were steadily declining. Even the Wii remake of the first title with the New Play Control did not fair too well in Japan. The series went on hiatus until 2013 with Photo Finder, an eShop AR game radically different from the earlier titles and it did not fair too well. It was viewed abysmally by critics.

The series returned again as a full retail title in Zip Lash with even more changes, now being a 2D Platformer more in the vein of Castlevania. This time, Skip teamed up with Vanpool, a company with similar origins, to develop this title. The retail version even came with an amiibo of the character. Critical reception was tepid and sales seem to be much worse. The state of series is in flux with the game's failure.

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