Chief Chilly Challenge is a level exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS. Upon its completion, Luigi will get the key to unlock Wario. The level is in a snow themed world but, is fairly linear ending with a fight with Chief Chilly.

The level is accessed on the second floor in the room with the mirror The player must use Luigi's power flower ability to go through the mirror and into the Wario painting. The level has numerous Bullies and Snowmen as hazards. The fight with Chief Chilly, a large Chill Bully with facial features. Like battles with other bullies, the way to defeat him is to knock him off the iceberg. However, each time he returns causes the stage to break off parts, giving the player less area to stay on.


  • Star 1: The player has to collect 8 red coins. This star can be obtained in a first playthrough if the play does not miss any coins. One red coin requires the Mario cap and the Power Flower to float up to it.
  • Star 2: This star requires the player to get a Wario cap and use the Power Flower to become metal and cross the windy ledge. Then, the player must destroy the Black Block containing the star.