Chill Penguin
Chill Penguin
Series Mega Man X
First game Mega Man X
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Chill Penguin (or Icy Penguigo in Japan) is a Maverick from Mega Man X designed to resemble a penguin. There was strong animosity between Chill Penguin and Flame Mammoth.


Chill Penguin will slide around the room trying to attack X. A fully charged X Buster can let him cancel the attack. Chill Penguin will also jump. X must slide under him to avoid getting hit and must determine where Penguin will land. Chill Penguin will create a pair of sculptures by blowing ice and he can destroy them and he can cancel the attack when X shoots him. Chill Penguin will jump at the ring to put in the entire room filled with snow to blow away X. Not only the snow doesn't only blow him away, he'll crash into Penguin. Penguin will repeat the pattern again and again.

X can use the Fire Wave, but the pattern's still the same.

Stage Names

Snow Mountain (Mega Man X and Irregular Hunter X)

Snowfield Stage (Rockman X: Cyber Mission)

Abandoned Missile Base (Mega Man Maverick Hunter X)

Other Media

Chill Penguin made an appearance in the quarter minute movie, The Day of Σ.

Chill Penguin in the mangas only appeared in the manga, Rockman X.

Penguin later made his latest appearance in the Carddas, Rockman X Mega Mission.


  • When X uses Fire Wave on him, he squawks, also in the remake.