Chimp Caverns
Chimp Caverns (Donkey Kong Country, SNES)

The overworld view of Chimp Caverns in Donkey Kong Country.
Series Donkey Kong series
First game Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Creator Rare

Chimp Caverns is the second to last area on DK Island in Donkey Kong Country. The caverns are that of old abandoned mines, two of these mines uses treadmills, one of them is powered by fuel, and must constantly be refilled with it. Though the mines are abandoned, they are not uninhabited. There are many enemies of all sorts, some of which include Manky Kongs, Kritters, Neckies, and Slippas. There are many oil barrels all over the place that have been caught on fire, making it hard to get past the level when you must get over them. The Boss here is Master Necky Snr., a harder purple version of Master Necky.


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