Choco Mountain
Choco Mountain MK64
Choco Mountain as it appears in Mario Kart 64
Series Mario Kart series
First game Mario Kart 64
Creator Nintendo EAD

Choco Mountain is a course both found in Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart DS.

The track appears on a brown track in between a bunch of brown mountains. It is also very foggy and cloudy there. Also somewhere in the middle point of the track, the player will see water. In the Nintendo 64 version, a big banner will appear in the 50cc version that blocks the player from falling into the water. This changes in higher cc versions. In the Mario Kart DS version, no banner will appear whether the mode is on 50cc or higher. Boulders will also fall down from mountains across the stage.


Mario Kart 64

You start from the beginning of the Choco Mountain. You travel on the muddy road between the chocolate valleys, cliffs and mountains. You go inside the house-like bridge. Travel through the muddy road. You'll see the left side of the brown mountain got covered in metal to make them metallic. Go through 90 degree curve while facing blue void full of chilly water and gigantic boulders falling from the road. The nearby warning sign reminds you that there is a danger. After that, you see the cliff-mountain protected by metal thing. I recommend you'll use heavyweight character such as Bowser's Tyrant, Peach's Royale or Mario's B Dasher to push the lightweight of the muddy road, which could result the victim players coming at 8th. It is difficult to do that in 150cc or Extra. Go through right curve and jump on the 3 extremely, far-too huge, cocoa-brown humps and head to finish.

Mario Kart DS

Choco Mountain reappeared as a second track of Leaf Cup in DS version. There are no modifications but the banister near the danger has taken out even if you tried to change the level of engine class.