Classic NES Series:
Classic NES Series Castlevania (NA)
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance platform icon

03ESRB - E  01PEGI 3  01CERO A  01Australian Classification Board - G

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Classic NES Series: Castlevania is a Game Boy Advance port of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game Castlevania. It, along with a host of other Classic NES Series games, were released in 2004 and 2005. The game is an exact emulation of the original game. The game was not enhanced in any ways other than the accessibility of now being a portable experience. When released the game came with a $20 price tag, which many considered unreasonable for such an outdated and old game.


The reception among critics were generally a bit more favorable than many of the other offerings available in the series. GameSpot explained that it was "a well-produced port of an excellent game", and that "even though it probably would have been better served as part of a collection than a stand-alone product, you could certainly find a number of worse ways to spend $20 for your GBA". GameSpot gave the game a 7.4/10. IGN was even more favorable, saying that the game is a "great retro throwback". They rewarded the game an 8/10, saying that of the second batch of Classic NES Series games, this was the best by far.


Castlevania Retro Game Gameplay - Keep Going01:01

Castlevania Retro Game Gameplay - Keep Going

Keep Going
Castlevania Retro Game Gameplay - Look Out00:41

Castlevania Retro Game Gameplay - Look Out

Look Out
Castlevania Retro Game Gameplay - Medusa01:00

Castlevania Retro Game Gameplay - Medusa

Castlevania Retro Game Gameplay - Underground00:58

Castlevania Retro Game Gameplay - Underground

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