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A Clayman.

Claymen are lumps of clay in Mother 3 animated by the Pigmasks to do their dirty work, like breaking doors and digging tunnels. A clayman also appears as a boss in Chapter 2. When Duster loses his memory, he hid the egg of light or hummingbird egg in a long abandoned clayman. When he rejoins the group, in Chapter 5, they set out to find the clayman, unfortunately though an intense blast of lightning strikes the clayman as Duster is reaching into it and it takes off, with the egg still inside it. the group is then lead on a long chase to the dump were they must fight the Forlorn Junk Heap, a combination of a discarded clayman and trash. Claymen can be seen throughout the game performing different tasks and when talked to, they respond with a loud moan.


The Forlorn Junk Heap.

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