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Clear Body is an ability in the Pokémon series introduced in the third Pokémon generation. It prevents stat loss.

Effect Edit

Clear Body prevents stat reduction caused by another Pokémon's move or Ability. Stat reductions can only be caused on Pokémon with this Ability if they are self-inflicted, such as from moves like Superpower or Hammer Arm and it does not prevent stat increases like Flatter or Swagger.

Clear Body does not prevent stat reduction as a side effect like from paralysis or burning. Clear Body does not prevent stat losses caused by Heart Swap, Guard Swap, Power Swap, Guard Split, Power Split, Baton Pass, and Topsy-Turvy.

This Ability can be ignored with abilities that ignore ability effects like Mold Breaker, Teravolt, and Turboblaze.

Pokémon with this abilityEdit

As a Hidden Ability Edit

White Smoke Edit

White Smoke is an ability introduced in the third generation with the same effect in battle. With Pokémon Emerald, it gained the field effect of lowering the encounter rate by 50% if the Pokémon with it is leading. It was exclusive to Torkoal until Generation V

Official Descriptions Edit

Gen III - Prevents ability reduction.
Gen IV (DPPt) - Prevents the Pokémon's stats from being lowered
Gen IV (HGSS) - Prevents its stats from being lowered
Gen V / VI - Prevents other Pokémon from lowering its stats.

Pokémon with this ability Edit

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