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Co-Star Luma
Spinning Co-Star Luma

Co-Star Luma as seen in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario Galaxy 2
Created by Nintendo EAD
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The Co-Star Luma is an orange Luma that is the playable character for Player 2 in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Co-Star Luma can grab enemies which freezes them, and can also spin to stun enemies while holding them. The Co-Star Luma can also grab coins, Star Bits, 1-Up Mushrooms, and air bubbles (when underwater), and can bring them to Mario. The Co-Star Luma can activate switches, make enemies do an action when grabbing them, and spinning characters and Lumas. If Co-Star Luma isn't playing in the game to help Mario, he will be on Starship Mario.


  • Player 2 can make the Co-Star Luma make different sounds by pressing buttons on the Wii Remote.
  • In Super Mario Galaxy, the star cursor for Player 2 is yellow, but in Super Mario Galaxy 2, it is orange.
  • An orange Luma that is larger than the Co-Star Luma stays on board the ship even if Player 2 is playing the game.

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