Coin-op Bop is a minigame in Mario Party 7. In this minigame, one player stands infront of a slot machine while the
Mario Party 7 - Coin-op Bop01:36

Mario Party 7 - Coin-op Bop

other three players stand infront of another slot machine and in order to win the minigame, both teams must compete to see who can get the most coins by the time the timer runs out by pressing the buttons that appear on the slot machine in order from left to right. The result of accomplishing each button combo shown will award you with three coins. However, if the wrong button is pressed, a Bob-omb will drop on you from the top of the slot machine and you will be stunned for a couple of seconds. To add challenge to the minigame, while the team of three only has one button to press per player, the team of one has to press any given combo of five buttons.

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