These are the credits to Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Project Leader and Game Design

Chris Seavor

Gameplay Software Engineer

Mark Betteridge

Music Composed and Perfromed by

Robin Beanland

Lead Artist and Character Design

Don Murphy

Technical Software Engineers

Chris Marlow

Tony Wong

Audio Software Engineer

Mike Currington

Task and Camera Software Engineer

Shawn Pile

Visual Effects Software Engineer

Andrew Davies

Multiplayer and Front End Software

Robert Harrison

Background and Layout Artists

Dave Rose

Chris Seavor

Edward Sludden

Carl Tilley

Cutscene Artist

Andrew Betts

3-D Animators and Cutscene Artists

Declan Doyle

Alsling Duddy

Louise Ridgeway

Sound Design and Recording

Robin Beanland

Additional Game Design

Mark Betteridge

Gregg Mayles

Don Murphy

Dave Rose

Tim Stamper

Additional Graphics

Andrew Betts

Don Murphy

Chris Seavor

Additional Tasking Software

Mike Currington

Chris Marlow

Tony Wong

Cutscene Screenplay

Robin Beanland

Chris Seavor

Character Voices

Chris Seavor

Louise Ridgeway

Rare Support

Simon Farmer

Pete Cox

Doug Crouch

Mark Green

Leigh Loveday

Paul Mikell

Andrew Wilson

Quality Assurance

Ross Bullimore

Matthew Carter

Justin Cook

Richard Cousins

Andrew Kimberley

Luke Munton

Dale Murchie

David Parkinson

Gary Phelps

Gavin Price

Roger Smith

John Silke

Gareth Stevenson

Huw Ward

David Wong

NOA Thanks To

Mike Fukuda

Don James

Michael Kelbaugh

Ken Lobb

Gail Tilden


Tim Casey

NOA Product Testing

NCL Thanks To

K. Terasaki

M. Goto

Super Mario Club

NOE Thanks To

H. Uesugi

Y. Edasawa

Special Thanks

H. Yamauchi

Additional Thanks

M. Arakawa

Ben Cullum

Joel Hochberg

Chris Stamper


Hiro Yamada

Chucky Poo's Lament

Composed by Robin Beanland

Lyrics By Robin Beanland

Performed By Chris Marlow

Funeral of Queen Mary

Composed by Henry Purcell

Arrangement By Robin Beanland

LA Marseillaise By Claude-Joseph Rouget De Lisle

Special Thanks To

Pam for Their Accommodation