Conduit Contagion
Contagion is the second mission in The Conduit. It's where the main story begins. The player first learns about John Adams and The Trust.

The Mission

The mysterious John Adams contacts the Secret Service agent Michael Ford to recruit him for a special assignment for the clandestine organization known as The Trust. Adams asked the President for Ford specifically.

Adams proceeds to explain that a terrorist named Prometheus stole a prototype device called the All-Seeing Eye, or ASE. He says Prometheus and his men have been tracked to Reagan National Airport so he's dispatching Ford there.

Upon arrival at the airport, Ford is attacked by Trust men, thinking Prometheus has turned the organizations own men against them. Fighting his way through the airport, Ford heads down to the Washington Metro subway terminal where Prometheus is believed to be making his escape.

In one of the tunnels, a Trust Scientist deliberately sets off explosives. Ford survives, and in the aftermath, finds the ASE. Adams then says to keep it safe.



  • Deatomizer Mk4
  • Deatomizer Mk9
  • Frag Grenade
  • MP5KA4
  • SCAR
  • SPAS 12
  • Strike Rifle
  • USP45