Cool Spot was published by Virgen Interactive. The SNES version was developed by Virgin Interactive, while the Game Boy version was developed by NMS Software.

(Note: The following credits refer to the SNES version.)


  • Programmed by: Mark Kelly

Art Team

  • Art Director: Stan Gorman
  • Art: Steve Crow, Edward Schofield, Lin Shen and Allyn Welty
  • Additional Art: Mike Dietz and Shawn McLean
  • Sprite Management Tool: "Chopper"
  • Sprite Management: Edward Schofield
  • Engineers[sic]: Mark Kelly

Design Team

  • Design Director: David Bishop
  • Level Design: Bill Anderson

Music Team

  • Music & Sound: Tommy Tallerico
  • FX: Joey Kuras
  • Samples & Wall Tune by: Steve Henifin
  • Parade Tune by: Don Griffin

"Wipe Out" Copyright 1963 Miralest Music Company/Robin Hood Music

Quality Assurance Team

  • Quality Assurance Team Leader: Adam Ryan
  • Quality Assurance Lead: Jared Brinkley
  • Quality Assurance: Chris McFarland, Scott Manning, Paul Schoener, Justin Norr, Paul Moore, K.C. and Ken Love

Documentation Team

  • Manual Written By: Cherylyn Holmes
  • Manual Produced & Edited By: Lisa Marcinko
  • Manual Art By: Edward Schofield

Support Team

  • Hardware Support: Jeff Wagoner
  • Level Layout Tool: tUME Map Editor by Echidna

Production Team

  • Executive Producer: Neil Young
  • Producer: Cathie A. Bartz-Todd
  • Assistant Producer: Mike Glosecki

Published and Designed by Virgin Games, Inc.

Special Thanks

  • David Perry & Steve Hiemstra.