Cordelia's artwork from Fire Emblem: Awakening
Series Fire Emblem
Species Human
First game Fire Emblem: Awakening
Year Created 2012
Voiced by (English) Julie Ann Taylor
Voiced by (Japanese) Okada Eimi
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Cordelia (JP) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. She is the good friend of Sumia, and the mother of Severa.


Cordelia's duty is to protect the royal family, though she also guides Sumia when the latter is in trouble. During her days as a recruit, it was perceived that she was a prodigy in nearly everything she attempted to do, except running. Eventually she would enter the Pegasus Knight squad as an official member, though she was heavily confused.


Cordelia is known to be a genius who can do most things flawlessly; though she hates being called as such because it reminds her of her seniors, who called her a genius many times in a hazing manner. However, she admits to Virion that she's a bit ill-tempered, and in some conversations, she shows to have little self-esteem. Cordelia is known for her very long-time crush on Chrom, but keeps them hidden; as she knows that a marriage with him is impossible. This is infact similar to Catria, who also had an unrequited love for Marth. In her supports with the Avatar, she feels remorseful that her squad sacrificed their lives for her; but she chooses to live and fight in their memory. In the Roster Rescue and Summer Scramble DLCs, she is shown to be embarrassed by her modest chest size, using a breastplate for that very reason. She sighs the most in the army. Her birthday is July 7.


Stat Growths

Base Growths
HP 90%
Str 60%
Mag 20%
Skill 60%
Spd 60%
Lck 45%
Def 45%
Res 35%

Base Stats

Master Seal (Fire Emblem Awakening) Class Master Seal (Fire Emblem Awakening) Naga's Tears (Fire Emblem Awakening) Level Naga's Tears (Fire Emblem Awakening) Boots (Fire Emblem Awakening) Movement Boots (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Pegasus Knight 7 7
Seraph Robe (Fire Emblem Awakening) Health Seraph Robe (Fire Emblem Awakening) Energy Drop (Fire Emblem Awakening) Strength Energy Drop (Fire Emblem Awakening) Spirit Dust (Fire Emblem Awakening) Magic Spirit Dust (Fire Emblem Awakening) Secret Book (Fire Emblem Awakening) Skill Secret Book (Fire Emblem Awakening)
25 9 3 13
Speedwing (Fire Emblem Awakening) Speed Speedwing (Fire Emblem Awakening) Goddess Icon (Fire Emblem Awakening) Luck Goddess Icon (Fire Emblem Awakening) Dracoshield (Fire Emblem Awakening) Defense Dracoshield (Fire Emblem Awakening) Talisman (Fire Emblem Awakening) Resistance Talisman (Fire Emblem Awakening)
12 9 8 8
Rift Door (Fire Emblem Awakening) Skills Rift Door (Fire Emblem Awakening) Arms Scroll (Fire Emblem Awakening) Weapon Arms Scroll (Fire Emblem Awakening) Vulnerary (Fire Emblem Awakening) Items Vulnerary (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Speed +2 (Fire Emblem Awakening) Speed +2
Lance (Fire Emblem Awakening)  C
Steel Lance (Fire Emblem Awakening) Steel Lance
Javelin (Fire Emblem Awakening) Javelin
Vulnerary (Fire Emblem Awakening) Vulnerary
Joins at beginning
Naga's Tears (Fire Emblem Awakening) 7
Boots (Fire Emblem Awakening) 7
Seraph Robe (Fire Emblem Awakening) 25
Energy Drop (Fire Emblem Awakening) 9
Spirit Dust (Fire Emblem Awakening) 3
Secret Book (Fire Emblem Awakening) 13
Speedwing (Fire Emblem Awakening) 12
Goddess Icon (Fire Emblem Awakening) 9
Dracoshield (Fire Emblem Awakening) 8
Talisman (Fire Emblem Awakening) 8

Possible Classes

Base Classes Promoted Classes
Pegasus Knight Falcon Knight
Dark Flier
Mercenary Hero
Bow Knight
Dark Mage Sorcerer
Dark Knight


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