Avatar FE14 Male

Avatar FE14 Female

Series Fire Emblem
First game Fire Emblem Fates
Class Nohr Prince / Nohr Princess
Designed by Yusuke Kozaki
Voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Male)
Satomi Sato (Female)
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Avatar (JP) (known by default as Corrin (JP)) is the player avatar and main character of Fire Emblem Fates. Thought to be a Nohr Prince/Princess but, later learning that he/she is the child of the deceased King of Hoshido, the Avatar is at the center of the conflict between the rival nations.


The Avatar was said to be born to the Hoshidan royal family as the child of Mikoto and Hoshido's king Sumeragi. They were kidnapped as a young child and raised by the royal family of Nohr, gaining new siblings in the form of XanderCamillaLeo, and Elise.

The Avatar must choose to side with one of the kingdoms and help with their respective causes or be neutral trying to fight a larger threat by joining the two kingdoms together.

If the Avatar achieves an S-Support with any opposite gendered character, they will have a child named Kana, whose gender is the opposite of the Avatar's. The Male Avatar can also be the father of Shigure, while the Female Avatar can be the mother to all of the children characters aside from Shigure.


In actuality, the Avatar was born to Mikoto and the human manifestation of Anankos's benevolent soul in Valla. However, their happiness toward their child was short lived as the dragon form of Anankos began his rampage in Valla, forcing Anankos' human form to send his lover and child to safety. The Avatar was officially adopted into the family, but the fact that they were not related to the Hoshido royal family by blood was kept a secret by Sumeragi, Mikoto, and Ryoma.

Spoilers end here.

Despite the conflict between Hoshido and Nohr, the Nohrian King, Garon, wanted to parley with Sumeragi and the Avatar was brought at the suggestion of Garon. The Avatar lost all memory of their previous life prior to the new one confined to the Northern Fortress, with their memory of Sumeragi's death, in particular, being sealed away by a curse.

For years, the Avatar was raised in the Northern Fortress and was never allowed to leave until Garon deemed them worthy. Gunter, a veteran soldier, was also hired to serve as the Avatar's combat instructor and the two became close. He was then expelled from returning and the Avatar never was seen and remembered him ever again. The Avatar also found an injured bird one day and nursed it back to health. Unbeknownst to them, this "bird" would become a very important person in their life soon after.


Years later, the Avatar is given a premonition of a battle between Hoshido and Nohr in a dream, but they are awoken by Flora, Jakob and Felicia. To test the Avatar's loyalty, Garon orders that they execute some recently captured Hoshidan soldiers. At the Canyon, the Avatar realizes that the fortress is occupied by Hoshidan soldiers and heads back to report. After fighting the Hoshidan soldiers, the Nohrian siblings, worried for the Avatar, checking on them to find them engaged with the Hoshido forces. Suddenly, Lilith, the Avatar's stablehand appears, transforms into a dragon and rescues them by sending them to the Astral Realm, where she gives them a free space to rest in between battle from then on.

Upon returning to the world, they are knocked out by Rinkah and brought to Hoshido. Nohrian monstrosities were attacking a local village where the Avatar's two sisters, Hinoka and Sakura were helping. The Avatar and Ryoma rescue the Hoshidan sisters who reunite with their long-lost sibling. Suddenly, a melody fills the air as they spot a blue-haired girl who introduces herself as Azura, a Nohrian princess who was kidnapped and raised in Hoshido in an inverse situation as the Avatar is.

At the castle town, just as Mikoto introduces the Avatar to the Hoshidan people, a hooded man appears and calls the Gangleri to him. Using the sword, he causes a large explosion, causing massive destruction to the town and the citizens there. Finally, using shards of the blade, he directs it towards the Avatar, only for Mikoto to obstruct the attack. Her death causes the Avatar to awaken their dragon blood, turning them into a Feral Dragon. Azura, using her special pendant and song, she is able to restrain their rage, reverting them to their human form.

With the death of Mikoto, the barrier that once prevented hostile attacks from Nohr disappeared. The Avatar realizes that their dream had come true and now, their siblings from both families are about to cross blades. Both families call out to the Avatar to join them. The Avatar is left with a huge decision to make; either return their Nohrian siblings on their conquest in Hoshido, join the Hoshido siblings to repel the Nohrian forces, or find another path by siding with neither.


The Avatar chooses to fight for Hoshido, declining to follow the man responsible for the death of their mother. Despite Xander's request for them to return home to Nohr, the Avatar refuses and thus Xander decides to attack the Avatar and taking them back to Nohr. After a near success, Ryoma steps in and the Hoshido army manages to repel the Nohrian forces. They are then labeled a traitor by Nohr.

Throughout the initial part of the story, the Avatar assembles the Hoshidan forces and find Ryoma and Takumi who went missing. Eventually Takumi returns to the army, being possessed by a dark magic. Thanks to Azura the spell is removed and the Hoshidan army chooses to invade Nohr as it would be the best chance to end the war. Layla wanted to visit her mother and Azura comes up with the idea to masquerade as her using Zola's magic. An idea was formed where they would ambush Garon and force him to capitulate and end the war.

Azura sings Lost in Thoughts All Alone, causing Garon some discomfort. Garon summons his forces, aware that the Hoshidans were inside and reveals that Zola had leaked details to him. The Chevois quietly aid the Hoshidans with various items to help their cause. After the battle is over, the Avatar tries to reason with Camilla, almost managing to convince her until Leo shows up. A strong rebel force led by Scarlet appear, Leo retreats with Hans, taking Camilla with him. Scarlet takes the group to the resistance hideout, where the Nohrian army suddenly attacks.

Due to the Nohrian seige around the capital, the Avatar is forced to go through Mount Garou. There they meet Keaton who allows them to pass through. At the end of the battle, the Avatar expresses regret fighting the Wolfskin people, but this though is dashed when the ground crumbles beneath them. Depending on the Avatar's support level with Kaze, a different scene unfolds.

  • If the Avatar doesn't attain an A Rank or higher with Kaze, Kaze sacrifices himself by throwing the Avatar to Hinoka as the ground beneath him crumbles and he falls into the chasm. The Avatar mourns for his death, but knows that they have to move on.
  • If the Avatar has attained an A or S Rank with Kaze, he notices a magic land mine and throws a Shuriken at it. The explosion throws both the Avatar and Kaze out to safety. Grateful for Kaze's rescue, their bond is fortified and the Hoshidan army moves on.

Shortly after leaving Mount Garou, Takumi has a critical fever and the Avatar decides to go search a Nohrian stronghold for medicine. They meet Flora who offers to find the medicine they need, but after defeating Iago and his forces, they succeed finding the medicine, and Takumi is cured. Later on, the Avatar passes through the Woods of the Forlorn, where they meet Leo again, who reclaims his familial love for them and fights them. Despite his retainers and the Faceless horde, he is defeated and the Avatar cannot bring themselves to harm him, and Leo is unable to do the same.

During their stay at Notre Sagesse, the Avatar flags down an old man, who leads them to the Sevenfold Sanctuary, where the Hoshidans fight against the shades of those that died there. After defeating the enemy, the group walks in the door and finds them back at town. The old man reveals himself as the Rainbow Sage they're looking for, and prepares the Seal of Flames ritual, granting them the Noble Yato. At sea, the Hoshidan siblings are notified of the battlefront at home and take a rumored shortcut through the Demon's Falls to reach the Nohrian capital of Windmire faster.

After a battle, Shura swears loyalty to Ryoma after hearing of his royal status. Elise takes the group into a small house where her wet mother, Cassita, gives details about Garon and two queens; Arete and Katerina. While traveling to castle Krakenburg's throne room, they are waylaid by Camilla after Elise's retainers thought they had kidnapped her. They later defeat her in combat and re-explain the situation to her before proceeding.

The Han's soldiers are unable to defeat the Hoshidans, so Hans takes over, overwhelming the Avatar. Before Hans can land the killing blow, Lilith sacrifices herself. The Avatar then becoms enraged and kills Hans after a short battle. However, Ryoma tells them that they can't give up, as they're getting closer and that Lilith sacrificed herself to help their cause.

After passing through the staircase in Castle Krakenburg, the Avatar fights against Xander alone. Both the Avatar and Xander grieve for their fallen sisters but Xander insists on finishing the duel. Grief-stricken by their sister's death and their brother's uncaring feelings towards it, the Avatar decides to end the duel. They lastly strike him down, knowing that Xander was holding back and allowed them to do so. With his final words, he tells the Avatar to stop King Garon as it's the only way to bring peace to the world.

In the throne room, the Avatar attacks Garon for his actions in the war. They later obtain the Blazing Yato and beat Garon, but he survives and transforms into the Dusk Dragon of Nohr. The four convince the Avatar to take arms again and fight for their allies, and after a horrific battle, Garon is defeated. Garon returns to his human form, regaining his memories before vanishing. The Avatar then mourns Azura's death as she used her full power on the dragon, which was too much for her, but promises to make the future better for everyone.

At the end of the route, if the female Avatar marries Ryoma, she will rule alongside him as the new queen of Hoshido.
Spoilers end here.


The Avatar chooses to side with neither in hopes of getting Xander and Ryoma to talk. Believing that the Avatar was manipulated by the other side, Xander and Ryoma engage in battle.

The Avatar, Azura, and Felicia/Jakob decide to take down two frontline commanders of both armies and succeeds. Xander and Ryoma see through this and deems the Avatar and Azura as traitors. Azura takes them to a Bottomless Canyon and tells them to jump into it. They reach an unknown land that Azura introduces as Valla, a mysterious third kingdom that was directing the war between Nohr and Hoshido following its takeover by Anankos. To certify that nobody else knows of this, a curse was placed, so anyone who talks about Valla outside of the kingdom will die. With the true villain of the war made clear to the Avatar, they choose to return to the surface in hopes of fusing the Nohrian and Hoshido armies to fight this threat.

After a chain of battles, the Avatar successfully convinces both the Hoshido and Nohr armies in joining their cause. The Hoshidans join them after seeing their honesty and the Nohrians joining after King Garon becomes unstable and a threat to the kingdom itself. With the Avatar uniting of the armies, they lead the army into a Bottomless Canyon where, during the descent, Scarlet is killed by an unknown assailant. After a skirmish, though the Avatar has to break the news of Scarlet's death, the Avatar and Azura are now able to properly explain the true villain to both armies, the King of Valla, Anankos.

On the way to address Anankos, the Avatar faces several of his resurrected soldiers, including Scarlet, Azura's mother Arete, Mikoto, and Sumeragi. Before Mikoto vanishes following her defeat, she divulges that she was born in Valla, that Arete is her sister, and that the Avatar is Vallite royalty. The Avatar is shocked, but they strengthen their resolve to defeat Anankos.

Once the army reaches the Vallite throne room, it's said that Gunter is Scarlet's murderer and that he was possessed by Anankos. After Gunter is defeated and freed of Anankos's impact. The Avatar's sword is upgraded into the Omega Yato through each of their brothers' legendary weapons and, after a long battle against the regressed dragon, Anankos is killed and peace is restored. Hoshido, now led by Ryoma, and Nohr, now lead by Xander, make a deal of peace between the feuding kingdoms. Azura relinquishes the throne to the Avatar, stating that it was because of their efforts and leadership that Anankos was slain. In addition, both Ryoma and Xander conceeded some of their land to Valla to form a new kingdom.

In the male Avatar marrying Niles or a female Avatar marrying Rhajat, the couple eventually adopts two children who eventually succeeds the Vallite throne.

The Avatar never learns that Anankos is their birth father, nor do they learn that Lilith is their 'sister' due to separate vows of secrecy that Lilith and Mikoto made with Anankos's heart.
Spoilers end here.


The Avatar is a kind-hearted person who cares deeply for their loved ones and helps anyone who asks them, apologizing if they do something to upset others. Despite being sheltered in all of their childhood, they're quite social to the point of convincing enemy soldiers to join their cause. As they spent the majority of their life growing up within the walls of Northern Fortress, the Avatar is very curious about the outside world, and quite yearning to visit new sights.

Noted by many characters throughout the series, the Avatar is quick to trust individuals including Zola in Birthright and Anthony in Revelation, both of which were tasked with killing them by Garon and Anankos respectively. However, both Ryoma and Xander said that this trusting nature is what makes the Avatar trustworthy themselves.

The Avatar has shown strong familial attachments to both the Nohrian and Hoshidan royal siblings, as they are resistant to fight against one in their respective routes. In Revelation, where the Avatar doesn't side with either country, they can't bear to see their families fight each other. They also form a close relationship with Azura regardless of route, due to their similar backgrounds and because the Avatar is more open to her about their feelings regarding obeying Garon (in Conquest) and knowing about Valla (in Revelation).

The Avatar has shown a wide variety of talents. Kaze's Private Quarter invite quote reveals that they're a great piano player. Some supports notes that they enjoy writing poetry and reading about philosophy. However, they have trouble cooking as they manage to burn tea in their support with Jakob and barely manages to bake palatable cookies with Dwyer.

Their personality varies slightly by gender; the male is more laid-back and sweet, while the female is peppier and more teasing.

The Avatar is also shown to be a very loving and protective parent, shown when they achieve an S-Support with an opposite-sex character. When Kana is attacked by Invaders, they display nothing but righteous fury, stating that they will stain the fields of the Deeprealm with the Invaders' blood in retaliation for trying to harm Kana.

The Avatar also displays three distinct traits in BirthrightConquest, and Revelation:


The Avatar is reluctant to take the lives of Hoshidans, even showing regret in choosing their Nohrian siblings over their blood family, even though they don't like Garon's ways. As the route advances, they are forced to watch as many monstrosities occur to the innocent Hoshidans while they cannot save them unless they receive Garon's wrath. This results in them trying to change Nohr and to end the war as fast as possible. They also refrain from killing Hoshidans as much as possible, resolving to end the war in their own way, a trait that earns Kaze's loyalty. In their supports with Azura in Conquest, the Avatar also suffers from nightmares from having killed Hoshidans when they have presented no choice in the matter.


Due to Mikoto's passing, they display hostility towards Nohr, though they hate the idea of having to fight their former Nohrian siblings. As many unavoidable deaths occur during this route, the Avatar grows very hostile towards King Garon, Hans, and Iago for their neglect for human lives. However, they do their best to lessen casualties on the Nohrian front, only killing when necessary as they spared Zola simply because it is what Mikoto would have done and kept him alive due to the usefulness they could have from him in their onslaught of Nohr.


In Revelation, the Avatar's personality remains unchanged. As a result of the Vallite curse, if one were to speak about Valla outside its borders, they will die. They've only been able to gather allies because of their kind and trusting nature, giving them potential as a great leader. This has enabled more forgiving, if not kinder, characters to trust the Avatar as they have either seen their kind-hearted nature knowing that they're not traitors (e.g. Rinkah and Kaze), they can see that they're sincerely asking for trust (e.g. Sakura and Ryoma) or through other means of proof that they mean well and are telling the truth (e.g. Leo and Xander).

In Game

Fire Emblem Fates

Boon & Bane Modifiers

The Avatar's Boon and Bane stats influence their starting stats, actual growth rates, and maximum stat caps. A Boon bolsters a certain stat and slightly boosts others; conversely, a Bane cripples a certain stat and slightly detriments others. The Boon and Bane's magnitude of influence differs from one stat to another, and so different combinations of Boons and Banes may impact in-game and endgame stats.

Base Stats (Nohr Prince/Nohr Princess)

Base Stats
HP *19
Str *7
Mag *4
Skl *7
Spd *6
Luck *5
Def *6
Res *2
Mvt *5
Con N/A
  • Dependent on the Boon and Bane stat when creating the Avatar.
  • Health, Magic, Skill, and Luck picked as best or worst stat: +3 / -2
  • Strength and Speed picked as best or worst stat: +2 / -1
  • Defense and Resistance picked as best or worst stat: +1 / -1

Growth Rates


Nohr Prince/Nohr Princess
Base Growths
HP 60%
Str 60%
Mag 40%
Skill 50%
Spd 55%
Lck 55%
Def 45%
Res 50%

Nohr Noble
Base Growths
HP 60%
Str 55%
Mag 45%
Skill 45%
Spd 60%
Lck 50%
Def 40%
Res 40%

Hoshido Noble
Base Growths
HP 60%
Str 60%
Mag 40%
Skill 50%
Spd 55%
Lck 55%
Def 50%
Res 25%
  • Note: These are the Avatar's default class growth rates before Boons and Banes are applied.


Unlike previous protagonists, the Avatar in Fates has the ability to transform into a dragon, a similar trait to Manakete from past games of the series. They only gain the ability to transform after Chapter 5. As a member of royalty, the Avatar can wield the power of Dragon Veins, allowing them to alter the terrain of a map. They are also the chosen wielder of the legendary Yato.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Corrin (Male)

Fateful Prince
A Hoshidan prince raised in Nohr. Fights on his chosen path with the divine blade Yato. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates.

Corrin (Female)

Fateful Princess
A Hoshidan princess raised in Nohr. Fights on her chose path with the divine blade Yato. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates.

Super Smash Bros.

SSB Corrin

Corrin is one of the final DLC fighters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, releasing in February 2016. Like Robin, he has alternate costumes as the main female version depicted in the art above.

Corrin is a fast swordsman that unlike the other Fire Emblem fighters, has manakete powers, which he/she infuses into his/her moveset. He wields the final form of the blade Yato, Omega Yato, as well.


Alternate Costumes


  Main article: Corrin/gallery


  • Corrin is the only new Super Smash Bros. DLC fighter to be owned by Nintendo.
  • Corrin is the second DLC character from the Fire Emblem series to be confirmed, the first being Roy.
  • Corrin is the second Fire Emblem character to have his female counterpart as his alternate costume, the first being Robin.
  • Corrin is the first DLC character to have a female counterpart.
  • Corrin is the third character overall to have a female counterpart, the first being Villager and the second being Robin.
  • Corrin was released as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U before Fire Emblem Fates was released internationally.

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