Flint Cragley crew

Three Cragnons, Fliny Cragley and his assistants, Hornfels and Monzo.
Series Paper Mario series
First game Super Paper Mario (2007)
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The Cragnons are a primitive race in the Land of the Cragnons in Super Paper Mario. They come in two varieties with either circular or square heads. Their leader is Marbald, and other named Cragnons include Jasperoid and Flint Cragley. They are peaceful people that worship the "Big Rock Who Watches" and are being captured by the Floro Sapiens when Mario enters their world. After being captured, Cragnons have a mind-controlling "Floro sprout" that makes them into zombies that will slowly run at Mario and try to attack him. Unlike when Mario defeats other enemies, his score at the top of the screen (that determines his level) is reduced by one point.

They have odd speech patterns including adding the words (and sometimes prefixes) "crag" and "brah" to normal conversation. It seems that crag can be used anywhere in speech, and they refer to anyone as brah.

After fighting King Croacus IV, it is revealed that he was only acting strangely because the Cragnons were putting their trash in the river that supplies the Floro Sapiens' water.