Creepy Steeple
250px-Creepy steeple
The Creepy Steeple.
Series Mario series
First game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Creator Intelligent Systems

The Creepy Steeple is location in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


One thousand years ago, the Four Heroes defeated the Shadow Queen and sealed her in the Thousand Year Door. She cursed the heroes that if they were to let go of the Crystal Stars they would be locked in chests. The lady Boo hid the Ruby Star in the bell of tower of Creepy Steeple. She then was transformed into a black chest in the item shop. 1,000 years later Doopliss finds the Ruby Star and keeps it for a while. After Mario defeats him and reclaims his identity Doopliss leaves the Steeple for good. The place is a spooky old building with a bell tower and clock. Many numerous Boos live in this place kicking anyone out who comes in. The bell tower has a TV, bed, shower, refrigerator and chair because Doopliss lived here. It has many traps.