Crocodile Isle
Crocodile Isle

Series Donkey Kong series
First game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Creator Rare

Crocodile Isle (also known as Krem-Isle) was a island located below the Donkey Kong Island in the DK Isles. This island was a King K. Rool's rule, Kremling homeland, Kremling Krew's capital base of operations and enemy territory of DK Island.


The island itself consist swamps, underground volcanoes, rotten trees and K. Rool's stronghold is located from top. By K. Rool's dictatorship, that land was completely polluted and wasted because of broken ships, mining, garbage and toxic waste; but has natural parts including brambles, hives, ice and hidden jungles. The island also held a amusement park named Kremland, where many Kremlings amused themselves when don't disturb the Kong Family. Located inside of Crocodile Isle is the Kremling's Lost World, the apparent birthplace of the Kremling species.


During the events of the second game, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong invades the island for rescue the DK. After Kongs defeat the K. Rool in his pirate days in Krocodile Kore, he will end up clogging the energy volcano causing an explosion which will cause Crocodile Isle to sink into the sea.



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