These are the credits to CrossworDS.

Game Developed By

Nuevo Retro Games

Nuevo Retro Games

Design and Programming

Paul Hellier

Project Manager

Catherine Volkoff

Art Lead

Marcel Kralik

Nintendo Software Technology Corporation

Game Director

Yukimi Shimura

Art Director

Kunitake Aoki

Audio Adviser

Lawrence Schwedler

Production Associate

Mika Kurosawa


Shigeki Yamashiro

Additional Text Writing

Osamu Shibamiya Inbound Games

Nintendo of America, Inc.

Project Coordinator

Todd Buechele

Business Development

Mike Fukuda

Tom Prata

Design Department

Ross Hirai

Mia Brooks

David Pauls

Product Testing Coordinator

Ed Ridgeway

Product Testing Text Editing:

Teresa Lillygren

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Executive Producer

Satoru Iwata


Masao Yamamoto

Project Coordinator

Kiyohiko Ando

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