The Crystal King
Crystal King
The Crystal King as seen in Paper Mario.
Series Paper Mario series
First game Paper Mario (2001)
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The Crystal King is the holder of the last Star Spirit, Kalmar, in the Nintendo 64 video game Paper Mario. He has 70 HP, and can freeze you and multiply himself into three. When he does this, it is either going to be in the air or on the ground. He can also summon three crystal shapes that you should take down first because they will be used as weapons. The best ally/partner to use is either Watt or Lakilester (Spike).

Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on Ice

Bowser has ordered the Crystal King and his soldiers to take over the Crystal Palace. He orders his soldiers to guard the rooms of the palace and lock some of the doors. He stays on the icy platform on the outside of the palace in the back. He guards the last Star Spirit Kalmar. Mario gets through the palace and eventually defeats this snowy monster and saves Kalmar.