Crystal Snail
Crystal Snail
Series Mega Man X
First game Mega Man X2
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Crystal Snail (or Cristar Mymine in Japanese) is a snail-based Maverick in Mega Man X2. He guards the crystal mine under Sigma's command.


Unlike fighting Armored Armadillo, Crystal Snail will start the battle, having a shell as snails do in real life. Snail will hide in his shell like snails do in real life to make it spin at Mega Man X. If Mega Man X uses a Magnet Mine, he'll be deshelled, acting like a Koopa Troopa and he cannot spin his shell at him, making him vulnerable. His shell can be used to be played, but he'll put it back in place. Snail will fire three Crystal Hunters to make X stop unlike the goo in the battle with Slash Man in Mega Man 7. If X touches one, he'll be frozen and cannot move until the crystal breaks. Snail can also make the screen blur to make it harm Mega Man X when he charges his antennas and then repeats again.

Other media

  • Crystal Snail appears in the manga, Rockman X.


  • Crystal Snail and Bubble Crab are the only Mega Man X2 Mavericks to not appear in the Xtreme series.