Culex's sprite.

Culex is an optional boss found in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He originated from an alternate dimension called Vanda, which is only briefly mentioned in the game. He is modeled after a traditional SNES Final Fantasy boss, which is understandable seeing that the creators of the series made Super Mario RPG. Multiple Final Fantasy references can be found during the fight, including:

  • The overall design of the boss resembles a boss from a Final Fantasy. Some have compared him with the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy VI, Kefka.
  • The music played during the fight is the boss battle music from Final Fantasy IV.
  • The music played during the conversation with Culex is the main Final Fantasy theme.
  • The victory music is the same as the victory music from the series.
  • The crystals that Culex uses against the characters in the battle are from Final Fantasy.