Cyber Peacock

Cyber Peacock is one of the eight Mavericks from Mega Man X Collection designed to resemble a peacock. He corrupted a bug in cyberspace.


Cyber Peacock will always disappear and move to another space. Cyber Peacock will also fire an Aiming Laser at Mega Man X, and he'll throw feathers at him. When it explodes, it's similar to Grenade Man's Flash Bomb. Cyber Peacock will also raise his feathers to make it larger on the ground and later will do his Cyber Rise. Peacock will then repeat again.

There are two weapons when he's defeated. X will gain his Aiming Laser while Zero gains his Rakuhouha.


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“I'm impressed that you made it this far! But you can't beat me! Get ready!”


  • Cyber Peacock is the only boss from Mega Man X Collection that doesn't have the few seconds of invincibility after Mega Man X or Zero damages him.