Cycling is one of the twelve sports featured in Wii Sports Resort. It is also one of three sports that require the use of a nunchuk. There are two modes in Cycling, Road Race and VS. Road Race is a 1-2 player game which is held at different parts of the island while VS is identical to Road Race but played with 2 players.

Road Race

Road Race is held at six different parts of the island. In 1-Stage Race, you will be pitted last place out of thirty players. The aim of the game is trying to overtake all of the miis to try and finish first. In 3-Stage Race, you will start at 50th place, and in 6-Stage Race, you will start at 100th place. Behind the fence, you can see tonnes of miis cheering for you(they will either be pre-created miis or miis you have made in your own mii channel)In some places, there are no barriers which results in you falling down.


VS is identical to Road Race but it is a versus or cooperative game with two players. The aim of the game is to try and finish first ahead of your opponent or working together to race to the finish line as quickly as possible. You have to copy each other's movements or else you will ending up falling off all the time.

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