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Daisuke Shiiba
Company Ascii (Formerly)

Nintendo SPD (2005-2013) [now freelance]

Current Position Music Composer
First game English Training
Latest game Style Savvy: Trendsetters

Daisuke Shiiba is a Japanese composer who worked for Nintendo SPD. Before joining the company, he is known for composing some of the default MIDI music for ASCII's RPG Maker 2003 game creation engine.

It is unclear how many video games he's worked on Nintendo, though he was credited in the WiiWare title MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade where he not only did the soundtrack (along with Johan Krafft from Logic Bomb), though also did the sound effects. The president of Mindware Corp., the developer of the game, explained that they gave the composer many suggestions to improve the soundtrack, and that he did very well. His first song for the game was Bar None. Not only did he create many of the songs, though he also redid each one when the player downloaded the games onto their Nintendo DS to make it have a sort of retro feel to it.

Shiiba's other work for Nintendo includes soundtrack contributions to English Training, Fossil Fighters, and Swapnote.

In 2013, he left Nintendo and became a freelance composer; ever since he has composed music for some PC games like Principia Perfectus.

Production History

Special Thanks

Song Credits

Tomodachi Collection

  • Friend Registration -- Composition & Arrangement
  • In the Room -- Composition & Arrangement
  • The Island at Noon -- Composition & Arrangement
  • The Island at Night -- Composition & Arrangement
  • News Flash -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Clothing Store -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Interior Shop -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Let's Play Together -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Mood Ballad: Ame no Toba Kaidou -- Composition (w/Ryutaro Takahashi), Arrangement (w/Ryutaro Takahashi)
  • J-POP: Kimi no Atarashi Sora -- Composition (w/Ryutaro Takahashi), Arrangement (w/Ryutaro Takahashi)
  • Confession Failure -- Composition (w/Asuka Ito), Arrangement (w/Asuka Ito)
  • Music Box: Friend Registration -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Street Corner Live: Heartwarming Folk Dance-ish -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Travel: Kyoto -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Staff Credit -- Composition & Arrangement


  • 3DS Menu - Composition & Arrangement
  • Main Theme - Composition & Arrangement
  • Main Theme (Slideshow) - Composition & Arrangement

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