Dandan as seen in Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Series Kirby series
First game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Created by Good-Feel,
HAL Laboratory
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Dandans are very common enemies appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. Their first appearance is in the Big-Bean Vine level, and they appear in most levels after that.


Dandans look a lot like a wingless yellow birds with puffy beaks. They have two stubby little legs, and at least one button eye (they are always seen sideways, so the another eye is not visible). They all wear green headbands that sway in the wind.


Dandans attack by charging a blue ball of energy inside their mouths, and spitting it out. They do this all day long, charging and spitting, and it is unknown what the ball of energy is, or how they produce it. This mysterious energy ball can go quite far, and won't stop until it hits something. The ball can be wrapped up with the whip and thrown back at the Dandan, however, making these enemies not hard to defeat.

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