Dark Bristle

Dark Bristles are Bristles that are colored black in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Dark Bristles are found only in Floors 81-89 of the Cave of 100 Trials.

If Mario isn't equipped with the Spike Shield badge, he cannot jump on them or get close to its spears. The Dark Bristle is immune to fire, like the Bristle. Mario must try to draw around them. Mario can only jump or hammer when he's equipped with the Spike Shield.

Using a POW Block makes a Bristle flip over. POW Blocks can be the Dark Bristle's weakness as the lose their defense.

Using the Hammer Spin when he's equipped with the Spike Shield, makes Mario send it flying into the air.

Once an enemy is behind it, (example, such as a Spunia) Mario must use the Hammer Spin to damage both at once.

Using the Quake Hammer badge is the best against it, dropping its defense to 0.

With the Spike Shield, the Dark Bristles cannot extend their spears to poke him.

Using Earth Tremor can win the battle quickly.


  • This was the only Bristle to have its health and attack increased.